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Tea party

Moonlight Tea Ceremony

Saturday, September 16
Kanazawa Nakamura Memorial Museum / Kounan tearoom

After the workshop to make a small illumination lamp that images moonlight, you'll light your own illumination that resembles moonlight and enjoy a night tea ceremony with the theme of "moonlight." When you have finished the whole experience... you'll have a longing for the "moon."
The workshop and tea ceremony will be held at the Nakamura Memorial Museum and the "Kōun-an" tea room.
In accordance with the season when the moon looks more beautiful, you'll create a small illumination lamp that images the moon.

In the quiet space of the "Kōun-an" tea room, enjoy a tea ceremony on an autumn night surrounded by the soft illumination of your own dreamy "moonlight."
We'll also furnish the room and serve sweets inspired by the moon.

Organizer: Ishikawa Artists' Encounter
Cooperation: Kanazawa Tourism Volunteer Guide "Maido san"
Yoshihashi Confectionery Store

"Story about moon-viewing"
The custom of "admiring" the moon seems to have existed since the Jōmon period.
The Manyōshū contains 159 poems about the moon, many of which are about the utility of the moon (i.e., moonlight is required when walking in the street at night) or about longing for families and lovers while looking at the moon.
It's said that aristocrats in the Heian period did not view the moon directly, but they did enjoy feasts while looking at the moon reflected in the surface of a pond or in sake poured into a cup.

17:00~(90 minutes) / doors open 16:30

Adults 800 yen/ Adults & one child 1000 yen (includes admission, tea and sweets)


up to 18

Required (August 16~)
076-223-9898 (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation, weekday only)