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Kenji Miyazawa "soil God and fox"

Saturday, August 4
Kanazawa Nakamura Memorial Museum

Enjoy this story by a famous writer, which will be performed by a popular theater company. A god living in a valley had poor hygiene and was a little violent, but he had an honest heart. In contrast, there was a fox who looked good and was charming, but he was a little deceitful. Both of them were fond of the same birch tree. This triangular relationship eventually became unbalanced.... The Ibaraki theater group Hyakkeisha, who performed "Night on the Galactic Railroad" in Kanazawa in 2017, will read Kenji Miyazawa's children's story.
* The same work will be presented on both days, but the performance will be different depending on the venue. You could choose one of the venues, or go to both and compare them.

7:00pm~ (Door opens at 6:30pm, about 1 hr)

1000 yen


30 people

accepted starting on July 3
076-225-7780 (Kanazawa Art Gumi, closed Wed.)