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Tokuda Shusei Kinenkan Museum

Saturday, August 25

“Shusei’s Wars”

Period: July 8 (Sun.) - October 28 (Sun.)

At the time of the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895), Shusei was hoping to become a writer. At the time of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), he was dreaming of joining the army, and he wrote several war-themed novels. At the time of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Shusei talked about "war and literature".
When the Pacific War broke out, Shusei stopped writing his last novel, entitled "Miniature".

The writer Tokuda Shusei lived from 1871 to 1943. As a writer he received a lot of attention, but he was not extremely popular; he sometimes was not careful about what he said, and even by today's standards, there was a peculiar aura about him.
This exhibition presents Shusei's attitude with regard to war.

~8:00pm (Admission until 7:30pm)

300 yen, seniors 65 or older: 200yen, high school student and younger children: free