About Kanazawa Night Museum

Kanazawa has developed a diverse culture during its long history, including literature, Noh plays, and craftwork.
Seventeen cultural facilities at various locations around the city will stay open until 9 pm on scheduled dates and hold various events at weekends during the period of this special occasion.
Enjoy a cultural night out at the weekend in Kanazawa, when everything is a bit more lively.
  • Point 1

    Enjoy exhibitions in a more relaxed atmosphere than during the daytime.
  • Point 2

    Make the most of the nighttime for sightseeing.
  • Point 3

    Choose from a wide variety of events, including concerts,
    talk shows,workshops,
    and performances.
* Please note that the program may change for different circumstances.
* Exhibitions may be closed for unforeseen circumstances, affecting certain planned events.